Al Hilal won the Saudi Pro League title with 3 matches in hand.

Neymar’s Al Hilal won the Saudi Pro League title with 3 matches in hand. Al Hilal, unbeaten in all matches, secured the title by beating Al Hazm 4-1 on Saturday night. Neymar has won four of the last five Saudi Pro League titles. Just below the team is Al Nasr, who have lost 4 matches. Al Hilal wrote on social media, “The celebration by the magician,” by posting a video of Neymar, who has been out of the field since last October due to injury, celebrating the title.

Al Hilal are unbeaten in 31 matches this season in the Saudi Pro League. Their points are 89 with 29 wins and 2 draws. Al Nasr points 77 in equal match. Ronaldo’s team is in second place with 25 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses. Al Nasr will not be able to beat Al Hilal even if they win all the remaining 3 matches and get 9 points. Al Hilal will face Al Nasr on May 18 in the Saudi Pro League and on May 31 in the King’s Cup final.

Ronaldo, who is in front of his own record goals in one season, can regret by winning the King’s Cup.

Losing behind the victory of Miami, Messi could not take a free kick.

Inter Miami fell behind twice in the first 32 minutes. They scored a goal at the end of the first half. After that, they scored two more goals in the second half and finally left the field with victory. However, captain Lionel Messi could not take the free kick due to a rule of Major League Soccer. On the same day, Luis Suarez surpassed Messi in the list of the highest goals in the league.

Miami defeated Montreal 3-2 in the Major League Soccer match on Sunday . After going down 2-0 in Montreal, Matias Rojas reduced the deficit late in the first half. Luis Suarez then scored a goal in added time and Benjamin Crimasci in the second half.
With this victory, Miami is at the top of the Eastern Conference of Major League Soccer with 27 points in 13 games. The Messi-Suarez team tops both Eastern and Western conferences.
Rojas scored the goal from a free kick. Messi took the normal Miami free kicks. However, on this day, Messi could not take a free kick due to the new rules of Major League Soccer.

Incident In the 43rd minute of the first half of the match.

the referee awarded a free kick when George Campbell fouled Messi of Montreal. Messi had to receive first aid due to such a tackle. Where it took more than 15 seconds. According to the new MLS rules, if first aid takes more than 15 seconds, you will be off the field for two minutes. This rule has been introduced from this season. This is mainly why Rohas has to take the free kick instead of Messi. However, Rojas, like Messi, scored a great free-kick with his left foot. But Messi is not at all happy with such rules of MLS. An angry Messi said in front of a camera outside the field, “If this is the rule, we are on the wrong path.”
Suarez scored in the third minute of added time in the first half. It is his 11th goal in Major League Soccer this season, one more than Messi. After Suarez surpassed Messi, Crimasci gave Miami the winning goal in the 59th minute.

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