Last Tuesday, Toni Kroos announced that he will leave Real Madrid at the end of the season and football at the end of the Euros. After that announcement, all eyes were on Real’s match against Real Betis last night. This was Kroos’ last match in a Real jersey at the Santiago Bernabeu. It was known that Kroos’ farewell at home would be emotional and memorable. That’s what happened last night.

A guard of honour, salutes thrown into the air—every possible departure ritual for Cruise was observed. The man who kept Real’s midfield like a skilled army for 10 years deserves such a farewell. Real coach Carlo Ancelotti said the same after the match, “The Bernabeu sent off Toni Kroos in the way he deserved.”

Toni Kroos At the Bernabeu match,

the entire stadium was in crunch time. He was given a guard of honor by the players of both teams. At that time, all the players of Real were wearing the number 8 jersey with Cruz written on it. In the gallery, the supporters of both the teams raised the sound of ‘crus crus’ and saluted the ‘sniper’ famous midfielder. On the south side of the field was a huge banner with a picture of Cruz. Where Cruz won 22 trophies for Real was also mentioned. And another banner next to it read, ‘Thank you, legend.’

It was a similar scene when Kroos was taken off in the 87th minute of the match. Players from both teams applauded Kroos. Kroos responded to the farewell salute by raising his hand as he left the field. But the most emotional scene is seen after going to the children during the farewell. Crus couldn’t contain his emotions anymore as he hugged the crying girl. Later, he said, ‘My children’s reaction broke me. I can only say, Real Madrid.

While responding,

Crews also said, ‘It’s not easy to say goodbye. I want to thank Real Madrid. I have enjoyed my 10 years here. Real Madrid is my home.

Even though the Bernabeu said goodbye, Kroos’ journey in the jersey of Real did not end. Real will face Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League final on June 1 at Wembley. Kroos will be seen in the jersey of Real for the last time that day. His fans are waiting to see whether the legendary footballer can leave after winning the fifth title of the Champions League in the jersey of Real.

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