Guardiola is not thinking about Arsenal, Arteta is not thinking about City, in Premier League.

A dramatic season in the English Premier League will kick off today. All the thrills and excitement that have been building up throughout the season will unravel today. A number of iconic moments are expected to be born on the final day, but above all else the title will be settled. Manchester City, or Arsenal – the football world will look to the Etihad and the Emirates to know the answer to this question today.

For City, however, the task is easy. A win at home to West Ham would hand City a fourth consecutive league title without scoring. In contrast, their own win against Everton is not enough for Arsenal. They will also have to wait for City to drop points.

At the pace

City have been playing in recent times, dropping points is very difficult. However, today Arsenal fans will be waiting till the last moment with their chests tied in hope. Losing City points may be difficult, but not impossible. Arsenal could be inspired by their past to win the title despite finishing second in England’s top flight on the final day.

The title has been decided on the final day nine times before in Premier League history. Where every time the team that came out on top on the last day went home with the trophy. However, Arsenal fans can take inspiration from their own history. They were the last team in England’s top flight to finish second and win the league on the final day.

Arsenal achieved this feat in the 1988-89 season. As points and goal difference were equal, Arsenal won the league by scoring more goals. Arsenal won 2-0 against Liverpool in the last match. Michel Thomas’ goal in added time essentially changed everything. If not for that goal, Liverpool would have won the trophy by leading on goal difference. Nothing like that has been seen in the Premier League-era.

Champion City if they win today

1994-95 season Premier League.

Blackburn Rovers went to play Liverpool on the last day of the season from the top with 2 points more than Seva. On the other hand, Manchester United’s opponent in second place was West Ham. If Blackburn won, they would be champions without any reckoning. But if Blackburn lost and United won, all calculations would have been reversed. Liverpool also set the stage for arch-rivals United to win the league by beating Blackburn 2-1 with a goal in added time. But United squandered that chance in a 1-1 draw with West Ham. Blackburn finished the season with 89 and United 88 points.

1995-96 season

In the next season too, the league title had to be decided till the last day. United were also on the scene. However, their rivals in the title fight were Newcastle United on the last day. United had 79 points and Newcastle had 77 before going into the final match. In other words, United’s own victory was enough for the title. And Newcastle had to look at United’s result as well as their own victory. However, Sir Alex Ferguson’s team did not give Newcastle any chance. They secured the title with a 3-0 win over Middlesbrough. Newcastle were winless in their last match, drawing 1-1 with Tottenham.

1998-99 season

This time again United had to wait for the title until the last match of the season. The opponents in the title fight were Arsenal. United were only 1 point ahead of the Gunners. Arsenal was looking at United’s loss on the last day. However, Ferguson’s team secured the title with a 2-1 win against Tottenham. Arsenal’s 1-0 win over Aston Villa was no use.

2007-08 season

United was waiting for the title on the last day like the previous three times. However, this time the fight was more brutal. Because Chelsea’s points were equal to United’s 84. United were leading on goal difference. United’s last match was at Wigan Athletic, which they won 2–0. On the other hand, since Chelsea drew 1-1 with Bolton, no special calculations were needed to determine the title.

Can Arsenal win the title celebration?

2009-10 season

The United-Chelsea fight on the last day. Chelsea were 1 point ahead of United before going into the field. Chelsea beat Wigan Athletic 8-0 to secure the league title. As a result, United did not win against Stoke City 4-0.

2011-12 season

The way the season ended was incredible. As always, one of the teams fighting on the final day is United and the other team is city rivals Manchester City. Both teams had 86 points before going into the final match. However, CTE was leading by goal difference. So United had to look to a win of their own and drop points to City to clinch the title. Neither team lost a point. City won 3-2 against Queen Park Rangers and United won 1-0 against Sunderland. But City won the title on goal difference.

2013-14 season

This was not the first time United had been in a last-day fight. The battle for service was between Liverpool and City. City’s points were 83 and Liverpool’s 81. Liverpool was looking at City’s loss on the last day. However, City did not give any chance to Liverpool by winning 2-0 against West Ham. As a result, Liverpool’s 2-1 win against Newcastle was of no use.

2018-19 season

Liverpool’s dream came crashing down on the final day against City. City had 98 points to Liverpool’s 97 going into the final day. City retained the title by beating Brighton 4-1 and leaving Liverpool in despair. However, Liverpool beat Wolves 2-0 in their own match.

2021-22 season Premier League.

This time it’s the epic duel of City-Liverpool. In separate matches, City’s opponents were Aston Villa and Liverpool were playing against Wolves. City trailed 2-0 until 69 minutes against Wolves. It seemed that the league title might be in the hands of Liverpool. But then came the surprise. 76 to 81 – City scored 3 goals in these 5 minutes. They won the match 3-2. As a result, Liverpool’s 3-1 win against Wolves was only a consolation.

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