The 39-year-old footballer earned $260 million in the past year. Ronaldo’s annual income is 3047 crore in Bangladeshi currency indian . Spanish golfer John Ram has the second highest income after Ronaldo, Argentine footballer Lionel Messi is third.

All this information has appeared in the updated list of US-based business magazine Forbes.

Forbes has compiled the list of players’ income by taking into account all types of income including salary, bonus, sponsorship. Ronaldo, who joined the Saudi Arabian club Al Nasr in 2023, earns more than 200 million US dollars a year. Which is the highest ever in football history. Apart from this, Ronaldo has a huge income from sponsors of various organizations, courtesy of about 69 million Instagram followers. Forbes reports Ronaldo’s off-field income as $60 million.

Saudi Arabia {Ronaldo’s annual income}

also has a special role in the case of John Ram, which has come to the second place in terms of income. Ram’s joining of LIV Golf in the country was one of the most talked about events in golf. It was reported in the media that Ram will get a minimum of 300 million dollars from there. According to Forbes, Ram’s annual income is 218 million US dollars. Ram and Ronaldo have more than 20 crore income.

Ronaldo’s annual income is 3047 crore rupees,

messi vs Ronaldo’s annual income is 3047

Argentinian footballer Messi’s on-field and off-field incomes are almost equal. Currently, he earns 650 million US dollars a year from Inter Miami in the United States. Apart from this, there is another 7 crores of income through commercial agreements with Adidas, Apple and other companies. In total, Messi is number three with an income of 135 million dollars. More than 1 thousand 582 crores in Bangladeshi currency.

The last two names in the top five in terms of income are from basketball. American NBA star LeBron James’s income is 12.82 million dollars, and Greek-Nigerian basketball star Giannis Antetokounmpo’s income is 11.1 million dollars.

Cristiano Ronaldo pips Lionel Messi in earnings for 2023-’24 season.

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