This time, Mbappe himself announced to leave PSG.

PSG???The story is actually a journey towards fulfilling a dream. Many years ago today, a teenage boy had a dream of putting up a picture of his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. Unlike the boy’s talent, the dream was far from rosy. Kylian MbappĂ©’s dream of moving to Real Madrid was not an exaggeration when the teenager Kylian Mbappe was growing up with an innate talent for speed, dribbling and scoring. But if the dream is so easy to catch, why is it a dream! Despite all the favors, Mbappe has been fighting to fulfill his dream for the past 7 years. No, it hasn’t been fulfilled yet. But Mbappe finally overcame the biggest obstacle on the way to fulfilling that dream. In an announcement last night, he said that he is going to leave at the end of this season. The match against Toulouse on Sunday will be his last match. Mbappe’s chapter officially ended with his announcement. And at the same time, the countdown to his joining Real Madrid be.


Mbappe came to PG from Monaco for 180 million euros in 2017. Real’s interest in Mbappe was rumored at the time, but Pg snapped up the footballing talent before the rumors started. For the first few seasons, the PSG-Mbappe joint family was good. But in June 2021, Mbappe’s dream club showed an interest in buying him, and the series of unsolved thrillers began. The thing was that PSG wouldn’t leave and Real wouldn’t leave.

Since then, the PSG-Real duel with Mbappe has been something special. Just when it seemed like it was only a matter of time before Mbappe left PSG for Real, there was a new twist in the story. Even the French President EmG faced each other on the contract renewal as in the last team change. In addition to excluding Mbappe from the pre-season tour, the Paris club also threatened to keep him on the bench if he did not renew his contract.

The situation was such that Mbappe’s stay at PSG seemed impossible. But as usual the impossible became possible later. Mbappe played for PSG throughout this season. However, Mbappe’s change of team came into discussion again during the winter team transfer. Rumors were heard that Real will sign an advance contract with Mbappe, who is out of contract with PSG in June. Although the official announcement did not come.

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