Ronaldo is the king of hat tricks.

Cristiano Ronaldo is in great form for Al Nasr this season. The Portuguese superstar has scored 42 goals in 41 matches so far this season. On the way to scoring these goals, Ronaldo scored 4 hat-tricks. In total, the number of hat-tricks of Ronaldo for this club in Saudi Arabia is 6. This statistic tells how unstoppable Ronaldo has been in recent times.

Not only for Al Nasr, but throughout this century, Ronaldo has shown the power of hat-tricks. Ronaldo has 66 hat-tricks in his career so far, including country and club. Whereas Ronaldo’s hat trick is 56 for the club. And considering the top 10 leagues, according to transfermarket, Ronaldo’s hat-trick is 50 in 949 matches, which is the highest in this century.

Lionel Messi is second in hat-tricks in the top 10 leagues this century. The former Barcelona star has 48 hat-tricks in 853 matches. Even though Messi is behind Ronaldo, he has played 104 less matches. Messi, however, has not seen a hat-trick for any other club outside of Barcelona. Messi last scored a hat-trick for the club in the 2019–20 season. After playing for PSG, Messi did not see any hat-trick. Even though the Major League Soccer (MLS) is in great shape, the World Cup-winning Argentine superstar has not scored a hat-trick

Suarez is after Ronaldo and Messi in this list of hat tricks. Suarez has 27 hat-tricks in 695 matches in the top 10 leagues. Robert Lewandowski tops the list of players currently playing in the top 10 leagues. He has 26 hat-tricks in 653 matches. Leva has a great chance to overtake Suarez on even days. Kane is number 5 in this list. He has 17 hat-tricks in 484 matches. Kane, who is in great form at Bayern, has the chance to ace Lewa-Suarez in the coming days.

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